How many ‘Solar’ companies have expertise in Energy, after-all, solar power is energy?

How many will be there for 25 years to claim your Warranty?

Clarion offers both 
A leader in the energy industry and an unblemished record for over 3 decades

Our Promise

Buy a Clarion Solar System….you will get exactly the same service that Clarion is well known for over 32 years among our Industrial and business customers.

Let your roof power your profits

Energy Expert for 32 Years - Trusted by over 1200 leading companies

Saved Billions for the Nation.

Can you find a better Partner?

Why partner with Sri Lanka’s leading Energy Expert
for your Investment in Solar PV System

Turn the roof of your commercial property into an income-generating asset with a solar power installation with CLARION ENERGY. Here are few ways in which producing your own electricity will power your business.

Increase your profits

As soon as your solar energy array is hooked up, you begin saving on electricity which increases your net income (Net Accounting) or earn extra money by selling units to the utility (Net plus):Solar System owners use solar power  during the day and draw power from the grid when it’s dark, but your system may still produce more electricity than you use overall. The utility company pays you the current market value for any surplus production at the end of each billing cycle. The rate is Rs.22 per unit for the 1st 7 years and Rs.15.50 for another 13 years.

Prestigious ‘Green’ Organization

Elevate your company to among prestigious ‘Green’ organizations in Sri Lanka.

Premium Price for your Production

‘Greening Process’ will make your products more attractive to foreign buyers who are becoming more demanding in environmental friendly production methods.

Increased property value

Property buyers are willing to pay more for a property that is energy self-sufficient with lower operating costs.

Increase the share value of the company

The stock market, particularly the foreign buyers love ‘Green’ companies.

Solar Power System will generate energy for over 25 years. Make sure your partner has both the expertise in Energy as well as a long-standing track record of business. This is where Clarion stands out from all the competition because not only do we have solid expertise in Energy, but also have 3 decades of business operation with an unblemished track record.

Trusted by 1200 Leading Companies – Check out why?

Unparallelled track record as Experts in Energy for over 32 years.

KACO, BENEDICT, HAKEL & FRAKO – Products Manufactured only in Europe.

Superior after-sales service, Clarion is well known
for in business & industry.

Saved Billions in electricity for business – no other company can match this record.

Most of our partners offer over 100 years’ expertise in technology, innovation & manufacture.

Our Unique Track Record + Energy expertise = Your Unmatched Warranty

After Sales Service

Superior after-sales service that we are well known in the Industry: you will get exactly the same service that Clarion is well known for over 32 years among your colleagues in business & industry.

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